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How to find the right 8 MM Yoga Mats

Are you not sure of which yoga mats to go to? Yes, of course, it is a daunting process. There are several factors involved in buying the right yoga mats. Here is the guide for selecting the right 8 MM Yoga Mats. The type of yoga mat you use for practicing yoga is essential. Before finalizing on the yoga mats, you must also know what kind of yoga you are going to practice with.

If you a beginner then you can use the mats given by your gym until you know which type of yoga is ideal for you. It is ideal to have your own yoga mats when you are doing intensive training and sweat a lot. You should go for the yoga mats that will absorb odours and is anti-bacterial. When you practice the flowing type of yoga, you need to have the mat with a superior grip.

The material that you choose will help you in deciding stickiness, sponginess, and durability of the mat. Gone are the days, when they used to bring out yoga mats out of single material. Of late, the manufacturers combine them with different kinds of materials to make the product better than what it was. Let’s see here about them.


Mats made out of these is much more durable than other mats. The mats made out of PCV have high durability and are the smoothest ones in the market. If you don’t like the structure these mats are the ideal ones. Since it is made out of PVC, it will release toxins.

PCS (phthalate and latex-free

PVC mats devoid of phthalate are available in the market. It is to be noted that they are a great alternative to rubber mats and don’t release harmful toxins.

Rubber (natural and recycled)

These mats are available in a wide variety of textures, thicknesses, and styles. These are also eco-friendly. They don’t release toxins but might have odours. Though they are spongy, but not up to the level of PVC mats. The traction is very good. Especially, with the thicker mats.

Other than this the 8 MM Yoga Mats are also available in Jute, organic cotton, though they have their own ups and downs.

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